Felt Hearts

That's a big thing! These felt hearts are made out of 100 percent undercoat from me and my doggy family  They come to you as small pendants that you can attach wherever you like.

Since solely the undercoat, which we lose naturally, is used for this product, these pendants are strictly limited and will only be produced as soon as there is enough undercoat for production.

Moreover, Monty, Lia and I (Minzi) are so small and do not have enough undercoat ourselves, which is why the basis of this heart is the undercoat of Cora and Aisha. Depending on who you choose for your product, the top layer will then be the undercoat of Monty, Lia or me 


Note: The felt hearts are handmade. Therefore they are robust, but not as strong as machine-made felt - so please be careful with them. As this is a product made from our undercoat, the hearts can vary slightly in colour and their structure. They have a diameter of 3cm (1,18"). 


Something even more personal of us isn’t possible 

12,99 €

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