The MissyMinzi children’s hardcover book is finally available! 


Minzi's book tells the true story of our little angel Minzi on 36 lovingly written and designed pages ♥ 


The book is written from Minzi's perspective and describes her story, thoughts and feelings as she has enriched our and your lives. She shares her whole journey of bravery, resilience and love - from being a little pup, to becoming the brave and happy fighter she was.  

It’s written in English and beside the personal text, it contains big illustrations on every page showing Minzi's personality and character - we made it all ourselves to keep it as personal and real as possible


The size of the book is 21 cm x 21 cm (8,27" x 8,27") and of course we ship WORLDWIDE 

But please keep in mind that we ship from Germany, so international shipping might take up to two weeks.


Make sure to get yours now to own a very special and touching book. While it's designed for children, it can help people in all ages overcoming a bad day 




By choosing the option "Book + Donate", we will send one additional Minzi book to a children's hospital where it can help and inspire our smallest hero's 


 * In addition, other taxes or costs (e.g. customs duties) may be incurred in connection with your order which are not paid or invoiced by us, but are payable by you directly to the relevant customs or tax authorities. Please contact these authorities for details.

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