Get to know me and my family ♥

This is me

Hello, my name is Minzi. I am a three-year-old tiny Pomeranian. And with tiny I mean tiny - I only weigh 1.3 kg (2.7 lbs). On my Instagram account @missyminzi I show you my life as a dog on three paws. You read right - I only have three paws. How it happend? I explain it in detail down below, as well as what the strange black thing is that you see on my leg. But despite my missing leg, I am the happiest dog you will ever meet. I let nothing and nobody stop me from anything. I can even beat my brothers and sisters while playing and running. Moreover, mom and dad help me to travel the world by carrying me in my tailor-made backpack once I get tired. So if you want to know more about me, my story and my family have a look to the right, scroll down a bit or follow me on Instagram (@missyminzi) to become part of my big family. 

This is my family

This is my family. As you can see, we are a very large dog family with two human parents. We all love each other so so much and try to spend every minute together. To introduce everyone by name, I'll start on the left. The bigger dog next to me and my mommy is Aisha. My human mommy's name is Sandra and next to her is my daddy Andre. Lia and Monty are sitting on his legs. Lia is the bigger one - Monty the smaler one. And last but not least, on the far right is the oldest and wisest of us - Cora. If you would like more detailed information about the individual family members, simply scroll down a bit.

We can't imagine life without each other. That is why we try to make every day as exciting and beautiful as possible. Having a big, loving and supportive family is the biggest gift I could ever ask for.


Hi, it's me again. Maybe you remember the question how I lost my leg? This is my story: I was lifted up and dropped by a strange man, which caused me to break my right front leg. It was a clean fracture that was supposed to heal easily. But as if I wasn’t unlucky enough, the vet (who was supposed to be an expert for bones) didn’t treat me correctly. That is why I had to have my leg removed. My human parents were absolutely shocked, but I am a little fighter and decided that a missing leg can’t stop me from living a happy life. Instead, I want to use my strong and happy spirit to inspire other people. I  want to show them that a missing leg does not lead to an inferior life - neither for the dog nor for their humans. To spread my message, my human parents decided to post pictures of me on my Instagram account @missyminzi. I want to show that everything in life is possible even with three legs. Moreover, I want to inform people about the possibility to get support for their three legged furballs through a prosthesis. That’s right, as many people (and even vets) don’t know, this support is also available for dogs. Due to my small size, we had to search for a very long time for a suitable prosthetic leg. At the beginning, all experts said that I will never be able to get and use one since I’m too tiny and my remaining stump too short. But neither I nor my parents gave up. After much sweat and hard work, we have now been able to create a perfect prosthesis for me. Mom and dad designed it in cooperation with an prosthetist. It is made out of carbon, just like those for human sprinters. Now I am finally able to practice daily to build up muscles in my stump. My goal is to be one day able to use it on our daily walks to get relief for my back and remaining leg. But most of all, I want to become finally faster than my big sisters (I already am faster than my brother). If you are interested in my life's journey or have any questions, follow me on Instagram or write me a message. 


This is Monty. He is my biological brother, which means he is also three years old. Monty is even smaller than I am (1.0 kg/2.2 lbs) and by far the most relaxed of us. Absolutely nothing can upset him. You will only see him running once he sees elderly people. He loves them so much, that not even treats can stop him from greeting the elderly. 


This is Lia. She is four years old and my sister from another mother. Lia is full of energy and joy. She is almost always on the move and protecting me whenever it is neccessary. Eventhough she is probably the greediest dog you'll ever meet, she would never steal me food but always lets me eat first. 


This is Cora. She is the oldest of us (13 years old). As I told you before, she is the wisest and also our leader and the good soul of the family. I don't know what we'd do without her. She keeps the familiy together and is so brave. I was once attaced by a giant dog and Cora (the calmest and sweetest dog ever) managed to protect me without getting anyone hurt.


This is Aisha. She is the daughter of Cora. Aisha is always very balanced and cheerful. She is 10 years old and supports me with words and deeds. Aisha suffers from epilepsie since she was 4 years old. It can be sometimes tough, but she is so strong and brave that she would never let her good temper be spoiled. 


This is my human mommy, Sandra. She is 24 years old and studied astrophysics. However, the search for my prosthesis inspired her to switch to the field of robotics, where she started her PhD in March 2018. Mom gives me and the rest of our family the greatest possible love. She would do anything for us and enables us to do everything a dog can wish for. 


Last but not least, I would like to introduce my human daddy, Andre. He is 25 years old and is studying economics and law for his Master's degree. He always ensures a good mood and is fooling around with us. We are his first own dogs and he is the best daddy you can wish for. With his positive nature he ensures that we never give up on anything and constantly gives us new courage.